My name is Jonathan. I’m 30 years old. I’ve been living on Oahu for about 7 years now. I’ve lived many places but if asked I claim California as home. I joined the Navy from Thousand Oaks, CA when I was 22 and separated after my first and only 6 year enlistment. I wanted to pursue my dreams of owning my own business.

I hav have a toddler who amazes me everyday. He is the reason I keep going after my dream. I found it admirable that my father once owned his own business, be it a Servicemaster Carpet Cleaning business, not exactly something one would “dream” about, but now I see it’s more important to know why you are doing something than it is what you are doing.

I want to show my son determination, relentless pursuit of happiness, and that its important to bring joy and happiness to others in whatever it is you decide to do in your life.

So for now, photography is where I exercise those qualities that I want to teach to him.

I love to photograph people because you can have a million photos of a landscape but people are always unique. I love landscape photography. I mainly shoot landscape to decorate, but it’s also a personal reflection time for me.

My dream is to take after some of the great studio photographers and fashion photographers, guarding my artistic style from influence of the oversaturated digital media word and finding that voice for my photography that speaks to who I am, and who I’m shooting. There are so many great photographers out there today, I’m hoping to be one that stumbles upon a breakthrough that not only changes my life but inspires others like those who blazed the trail before me.

Continuing the path, capturing life.


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